We've had an eye on 2001-2003 S. 4th St. for many years, first bringing it to your attention way back in the spring of 2011. Mere months before that story, a fire had ravaged an 13-unit apartment building at this location, ultimately resulting in its demolition.

In the past

When we checked in on the property last fall, it was still sitting vacant but developers had a plan to build a four-home project here, with two homes on Moyamensing Avenue and two more on 4th Street. But the project still had to go to the ZBA, so it was no sure thing at that point. Be that as it may, four homes on a 3,200 sqft lot made all kinds of sense and we were optimistic that it would happen. And our optimism has been rewarded!

View from Moyamensing

On 4th Street

You can see, the four homes are now getting framed, and it appears that each will rise four stories and include rear access parking. The developers have dubbed this project "The Fourth," and each home will have about 2,400 sqft of living space, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. Two are currently listed for sale at prices of $430K and $450K. Check out the rendering:

Nice homes

Not only will these homes be a big upgrade over the vacant lot that's been here for half a decade, but they'll also be a step up from the building that was here previously. And while we often bang the drum for density in projects around town, we'd say four units with parking makes a ton of sense at this location, rather than a bunch of apartments. What do you think?