It seems that most of the projects we cover in Pennsport these days are major residential developments. A dozen homes here. Eight homes there. Another ten homes someplace else. But that doesn’t mean that smaller projects aren’t taking place as well. For example, a reader recently gave us the heads up that a new home was rising at 128 Titan St., which was formerly a vacant lot.

Last week, before the snows

The developers, Pennsport Partners LP, purchased the lot earlier this year for $75K. The home they’re building will tower over the surrounding homes it seems, as the framed-out second story is almost as tall as the three-story home next door. This developer is also involved in another project, right across the street.

Same developer, different project

A few months ago, we told you about plans to renovate the home pictured above and to construct an addition three homes on this site, with two new homes fronting 2nd Street and an additional new home fronting Hancock Street. According to public record, the developers finally presented to the ZBA in late October, but they apparently haven’t gotten a decision yet. We’re guessing that the developers were still able to start interior work on the rehab, even though the rest of the project is still waiting for approval. We sure hope that the ZBA supports the project, as the vacant lots on this block are bringing it down.

More lots south of the rehab

Just a half a block south of here, one of those big projects we mentioned earlier continues on its way. The first row of town homes at 2nd & Wharton are nearly finished. We suspect the second phase should be rising in the near future.

Backs of the homes at 2nd & Wharton

Once construction starts on the next row of homes, we’ll be sure to let you know.