Pennsport's Mount Sinai Hospital is almost entirely gone. The building had sat vacant for several years while different developers considered various reuse options for the large building at 4th & Reed, but it was the Concordia Group that, in the end, came up with a project for this site that involved demolishing the old hospital. A refresher, they'll be building 95 homes with parking once the demolition is finished. Barton Partners did the design work.

Expected site plan

Project rendering

We last checked in on the property a few months ago, when demolition had just gotten underway. We passed by the other day and were struck by the fact that the huge hospital building is now almost entirely gone. Just one section still remains, and that will surely come down soon enough. It should be noted that the senior housing next door will not be impacted by the project.

Current view

Closer look

If you'd like to catch one final glimpse of what's left of the hospital in person, we suggest you get over there soon. And if you'd like more info on the project, dubbed Southwark on Reed, you can visit the project website as the banner suggests in the photo above.