Remember Manton Street Park? Back in the summer of 2011, a collection of near neighbors cleaned up this long vacant parcel at the corner of 4th & Manton, turning it into a pocket park and community garden. In short order, they learned that the City owned lots had already been sold to a developer, and it looked like the open space would be redeveloped into new homes. Things looked grim for this little patch of green on Manton Street. But after months of discussions a compromise was reached, the developers agreed to build fewer homes, and the block kept its pocket park. Today, it's looking pretty sweet.

Manton Street Park

Recently, work began on a new mural that will further brighten up Manton Street Park. The artist is David Guinn, the guy who painted the now-covered Autumn in Bella Vista and the still-visible Winter: Crystal Snowscape. When we passed by today, the artist was onsite, doing his thing. 

Mural is getting started

Will eventually look like this

Meanwhile, just to the north of the park, there are plans for a new home.

New home is planned but stalled

Developers for 1210 S. 4th St. got approval last year for a new home with a front loading garage, but that variance was successfully appealed to the Court of Common Pleas and remanded back to the ZBA. Soon it will be heard again. Surely there's more to this story, but we confess we don't know exactly what's going on. Does anyone in that area have any insight into the battle over this property?