From 1866 until last year, 240 Greenwich St. was home to a building that was originally the Greenwich Street Church and most recently the Khmer Palelai Buddhist Temple. The property changed hands in late 2013 and the new owners tore down the historic, "non-historic" building.

In the past, view from Tasker Street

Considering the size of the lot, we were intially expecting a large residential project, like so many we've seen of late in Pennsport. We were quite surprised to discover that the owners would only be building two homes on this lot with one fronting Tasker Street and one fronting Greenwich Street. Passing by recently, we discovered that the home on Tasker Street is almost finished. The home on Greenwich Street hasn't gotten out of the ground yet, though the foundation is in place.

Current view on Tasker Street

View from Greenwich St.

Though the home on Tasker Street is only two-stories, it has a shocking sixty feet of frontage on Tasker Street. The rear yard is going to be awesome, generally an expected perk when you build only two homes on an 11K+ sqft parcel. We're not sure how the Greenwich Street home will look, but we'd wager it will also be quite large and will have an awesome yard. Maybe one of the homes will opt for a little pool?

Across the street from the big new home on Tasker Street, we have a minor update on a property we first mentioned fifteen months ago.

Former Phil's Battery

Last year, Phil's Battery sold their property at 238 Tasker St., moving to a new location on Moyamensing Avenue. Hope Street Developers are the current owners of the parcel, which clocks in at around 8,600 sqft. While the developers across the street were content to just build a pair of new homes on a big lot, we're quite confident that these guys will be looking to maximize density at this location, just steps from Dickinson Square Park. We haven't heard about specific plans as of yet, but we'd predict a project with at least seven homes, maybe more. Sure, the homes and the yards won't be as large as those across the street, but people are still gonna line up to move in. As we mentioned, the park is very close by, as is NP favorite Grindcore House and the recently opened Fourth & Cross.

As soon as we hear some details on the plans for this parcel, we'll be sure to pass 'em along.