We went to Ugly American at 1100 S. Front St. a couple of times over the years, typically before a poker game with one of our freelancers. It was a decent enough neighborhood pub with pretty good food, quizzo, and a hot dog special if memory serves. So we were certainly bummed when the place closed its doors back in early 2013, but doubted the space would sit vacant for too long. We confess, we thought it would be filled by now, but the delay was likely due to the fact that the property had been sitting on the market for a couple of years, originally at a price of $600K. 

In the past

Along with a restaurant space on the first floor and a basement seating area that had been used for private events, the building also has a four bedroom apartment on the upper floors. But the price tag was too much, it seems. Finally, this summer, new owners took over for $425K, which works out to be a pretty solid deal if the property owners also intend to open a restaurant themselves. And according to Passyunk Post, who noticed a liquor license in the window a couple months ago, that's exactly what's happening. Look for a new neighborhood bar that also serves brunch.

Recent shot

But it seems the wait for a new place may have to wait a little longer than expected. Looking at the photo above, it looks like the new owners have ripped off the sheathing on the first floor, exposing the plywood underneath. You'll also notice there's a Stop Work Order on the building. Some of the work going on apparently wasn't covered by the permit they got, which allowed for only minor alteration. Still, we bet they'll get it worked out soon enough, and the renovation effort will resume.

We're looking forward to the building getting a new look and a new restaurant, though we've been able to sate our pre-poker hunger at still-newish Mekong River down the street. But variety is, after all, the spice of life, and we'll welcome a eventual new option in the area. As will the neighbors, we'd bet.