The other day, we spotted some construction activity at 1117 S. 2nd St., a double-wide property in Pennsport. This building, according to an old listing, was originally a dry goods and butcher shop, though it hasn't been used as such for many years. The listing also mentions some old details that have remained, including an old meat locker that's been converted into a bedroom. So there's that.

The building

A cornice that may have once had more detail

We actually spoke to someone who walked through the property before it went on the market, and they described a place that needed a ton of work. The second floor has been used as an artist's space for many years, and was pretty much wide open. Also, the vacant lot next door goes with the home, and previously had an outdoor pool. Doesn't seem like that's sticking around.

Future storefront?

The property turned over back in April, with the new owners paying $700K. At first glance, we assumed that the first floor would be used for retail space, perhaps with apartments above. After all, Federal Donuts is less than a block away, proving the viability of retail here (assuming you have an awesome concept and phenomenal execution). But no. According to the permits, the owners will be renovating the property and using it as a very large single family home. We're guessing that they'll be moving in, not trying to sell the place. And more power to them! No doubt, their home will be among the most unique in the neighborhood. Wonder if they'll keep the old meat locker.