Here at Naked Philly, we like to think that we have our fingers on the pulse of Philadelphia, but sometimes we even scare ourselves. Looking back at a post from Monday, we asked folks what they knew about this building, located behind the Riverview Shopping Center:

We were fascinated to learn that this building once housed part of the Continental Distilling Company but in more recent years has been owned by Tower Investments. Finding out that the building is owned by a savvy local developer and not some absentee owner, we wondered why the building has sat vacant and unused for so many years. At the very least, we figured, Tower could utilize the frontage on I-95 for billboards. Easy money, right?

Well, wouldn’t ya know it. Today, the ZBA will be hearing an appeal from Riverview Development Corp (related to, if not owned by Tower Investments) to affix three billboards to the vacant building at 1100 Rear S. Columbus Blvd. We’re sure SCRUB and NABR are not pleased with this proposal, but short of tearing down the building, we don’t know what else Tower could do there.

Hey Mr. Blatstein: If the ZBA doesn’t give you the thumbs up, our laser tag proposal is still on the table. Think about it!