We told you back in February that demolition at the former Mount Sinai Hospital site was wrapping up, but it seems we were getting a little bit ahead of ourselves. A couple of readers have reached out in recent weeks to let us know that construction has gotten started on the major residential project coming to this property, even though some significant vestiges of the old building remain. In case you've forgotten, this project will entail 95 new homes with parking on the blocks between 4th & 5th, Reed & Dickinson Streets. Concordia Group is the developer, and Barton Partners are the architects.

Project site plan

Rendering, view at 4th & Reed

About half a dozen homes have been framed out on 4th Street in the last few weeks.

First row of framing

But if you turn your gaze to the western end of the property, you can see that the last bit of the old hospital hasn't yet come down. It's actually a pretty dramatic sight, if you see it in person.

Demolition still happening on the other side of the parcel

View of the demolition from 5th Street

The fact that the developers have started construction before demolition wraps up gives us a good sense of their level of excitement for this project. It stands to reason that the demolition will finish up in the coming weeks and additional homes will be underway by then. In the meantime, as we said before, we suggest heading over to this property in the near future to check out the demolition in person.