A few years ago, we found ourselves in Pennsport with a flat tire. Thankfully, the good people at Phil's Battery Service, at 238 Tasker St., were kind enough to patch us up. They didn't even charge for their trouble. We passed by their location yesterday and two different signs indicated that 1) they've moved to a new location at 19th & Moyamensing, and 2) their large property is for sale.

Phil's Battery has moved

Looking west, we see sale signs

Always on the lookout for a good development opportunity, we quickly investigated. But we learned that somebody else already beat us to the punch, as the property is under contract. It's apparently been listed since last summer, at an original price of $795K. The final list price was just under $650K, though we wouldn't be surprised if the sale price comes in under that number. Closing should happen a couple of months from now.

So the question becomes, what will replace the unattractive but friendly auto shop? Our money's on homes. The site is a funny shape, but still has a footprint that's over 8,000 sqft. We looked at the deed and a site plan, but our eyes sort of glazed over. So we're just speculating that you'll see at least eight new homes here, maybe even more. We're guessing the neighbors will take the trade, as the wall, fence, and barbed wire of today aren't exactly the friendliest things to stare at out your window.

Looking east

Such a development would be extremely consistent with other projects taking place in the neighborhood in recent years. We've seen several large projects go up in Pennsport of late, and this would only add to the mix. With the expansion of Federal Donuts to other locations around town, we would have guessed that the explosion of residential development would have slowed drastically in the area near their first location. But no, the donuts still seem to be holding sway, as clearly the number one reason people want to move to the neighborhood. C'mon, you know it's true.

All hail Federal Donuts!

Note: This blog is not sponsored by Federal Donuts.