The New World Plaza at 6th and Washington, home to Pho Ba Le and the Ba Le Bakery, is getting a new neighbor across the street. Dentist Duyen Ngo, is having an office built for her from the ground up. Construction is moving along nicely, and they’re expecting to finish up in the next month or two.

The corner of 6th and Washington, pre-construction. Image from Google Maps.

An image of the corner from earlier this week

According to Clark the GC, Dr. Ngo and her husband, also a dentist, will run an office out of a 1200 sqft. space on the first floor. In addition to the office space, there will be two commercial spaces that currently are without tenants. A 500 sqft. space on the 1st floor is available, as is an 1100 sqft. space on the 2nd floor. There will be 2 apartments in this building, with the dentist couple living in one apartment and a family member of theirs living in the other apartment. On a stretch of Washington Ave. that  features a combination of older residential construction, adapted former industrial buildings, newer PHA housing, and newer shopping center buildings, this project represents some of the best looking construction in the area. We wish the dentist couple a lot of luck in their new office; we’re just hoping we won’t have to visit them any time soon. Good thing we floss!

Directly to the south, a single family home being worked on and a double-wide shell.