We were in the neighborhood the other day, and about to stop for a quick slice at Ianelli’s when we noticed a sign advertising three lots for sale on the 1300 block of E. Passyunk Avenue. Doing a little investigating, we learned that these three lots, 1312-16 E. Passyunk Ave., are for sale along with an unbuildable parcel at 916 Wharton St., all packaged together for a mere $650K.

The lots

Looking north

As you can see, these lots are located just below Wharton Street, steps away from Pat’s Steaks and one door down from the Rachael Ray Garden. They’re owned by Maria Oliveri, a member of the family that owns Pat’s, but not one of the current owners, from what we understand. This isn’t a surprise, as different people in this family own a number of properties in the immediate area, including the unfortunate vacant lot across from Pat’s that once was the home of the St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church. The row home next door to the lots, however, is owned by someone outside the family.

Looks lonely. Pergola from the garden is on the right.

From what we can gather, the thought that the sellers have is that the Wharton Street property, which is too narrow for a home, could be used as an access and egress point for parking in the rear of homes built on the three lots. We’re not sure what the neighborhood or L&I would have to say about that, but we can’t really think of any other use for the Wharton Street lot.

After months on the market, the prices has come down some, but still no buyers have emerged. Hopefully, someone will step up and purchase the lots, build some homes, and find some buyers in love with the idea of waking up everyday to the delicious scents of cheesesteaks in the morning.