Last week, we lamented the conditions on Washington Ave., west of Broad St. as we hoped that NextFab Studio would help shake things up. Washington Ave. to the east of Broad St., while certainly not Shangri-La, interacts considerably better with the neighborhoods that surround it. There are active businesses on the street, and even some row homes to go along with a couple of Asian shopping centers, and some underused former industrial buildings. So sure, it’s not intimate like Delancey St., but it also doesn’t have the same moat effect as on the other side of town.

With the growth of Bella Vista in recent decades and the more recent stirrings on the northern side of Passyunk Square, businesses on Washington Ave. have the chance to draw neighborhood customers from both north and south. One would think that a well-conceived business that sits between these two neighborhoods could do very solid business, like the delicious Taqueria La Veracruzana, for example. Which finally brings us to our point.

What’s the deal with Scoreboard Sports Grille?


Located at the corner of 10th & Washington, this bar/restaurant, from what we can tell, has not been open for a few years now. And if it has been open, it sure looks closed all the time. Offering a curious combination of Philly specialties and Mexican food, the place seemed to have a bit of an identity crisis. With photos of the menu items above the counter, let’s just say they weren’t really reaching for the stars here. And were there any TV’s in this “sports bar”?

Flexible menu

Couldn’t someone come into this space and make it a dynamite neighborhood haunt pretty easily? A place just like Royal Tavern, for nights that the Royal is too crowded and you’re not looking for a high-end brew at Devil’s Den? Or would locals prefer a different concept in this space?

And while we’re at it, does anyone remember what used to be in this space, back in the day? We’re thinking a small diner?