We were passing through South Philly over the weekend and an ‘Open House’ sign caught our eye on the 1100 block of Federal Street. We actually covered this property, 1108-10 Federal St., about a year ago, telling you that developers were planning to split a double-wide home in half, add a third story, and sell two newly expanded and renovated homes.

We remembered none of this when we happened upon the sign, and were excited about the prospect of walking through a gigantic double-wide home. It turns out the ‘Open House’ sign was fake news anyway, so we’re a little less disappointed now that we realize it’s just a couple of standard renovated homes. Perhaps thanks to a prior open house, the developers have gotten one of the homes under agreement at a list price of $600K.

Third floor additions

Across the street, different developers are working on a new construction single family home. A row home was standing at 1115 Federal St. until a few years ago, but got demolished somewhere along the line. And then the property sat vacant for a little while. We’d think that the new home will sell for a higher price than the rehab across the street, though it hasn’t been listed for sale as of yet.

New home on the north side of the street

Of course, as we told you previously, anyone that chooses to live on this block will probably want to have a healthy suspicion of the supernatural. As we told you before, the Federal Street Burial Ground sits immediately next door to the rehabs on the south side of the street.

Federal Street Burial Ground

This cemetery was founded in 1849 by Congregation Mikveh Israel, a synagogue that was founded in 1740 and remains active today. As some commenters noted before, having a cemetery on your block means quiet neighbors and less competition for parking spots, but we still think we’d be a little creeped out. Then again, cemetery aside, this is a great location, and if you’re not quite as susceptible as us to the heebie jeebies, one of these homes could be just the place for you.