A long vacant lot at 1203 Ellsworth St. that has been a small community garden for several years was recently introduced to Mr. Backhoe. Murray Development LLC purchased the property for $95K back in June, and appears to be preparing to build a new home on this property.

In the past

A couple of days ago

That is indeed a hole

The 960 sqft lot is zoned R10A, and we have yet to see any indication that the developers intend to go to zoning for this project. As such, we’re predicting a new single family home at this location.

As for the still vacant lot next door, it’s owned by JK Developments Inc, and was purchased back in 2001 for $9,000 (!). Public record lists 1122-38 Washington Ave. Unit A, as the address for this company, indicating that anyone interested in purchasing and developing this lot merely needs to walk down the street to find the owners.

It’s a shame to lose the garden, but a positive development for the neighborhood for 1203 Ellsworth St. to be developed. We’ll keep an eye on 1201 Ellsworth St. and let y’all know if there’s anything stirring over there anytime soon.

In the meantime, we hope to see a garden return to that parcel once construction wraps up next door.