Back in the fall of 2011, Murray Development LLC built a new house at 1203 Ellsworth St., on the western half of a community garden. By the time spring rolled around, they had sold the 2,100 sqft home for a little over $400K, and what must have been a tidy profit. According to some neighbors, the developers left a bit of a mess in their wake, making it impossible to reestablish the community garden on the remaining corner lot. And now, thanks to a new hole that was recently dug, it appears as though any thought of a community garden returning to this location can now officially be put to bed.

New home and new hole

But that’s not all! Additionally, a new hole has recently appeared immediately to the north at 1200 Peters St., a lot that’s been vacant for oh so many years. According to permits that have been pulled, both holes will soon be replaced by single family homes, which we believe are being built by the same developers that built the home we just told you about.

1200 Peters St. in the past

Current view

We appreciate community gardens as much as anybody, and it’s a little sad to see a space disappear that many people put effort into maintaining for a few years. On the other hand, considering the large community garden at 10th & Federal at the northwest corner of the Capitolo Park, there’s clearly an alternative for those who previously did their community gardening at 12th & Ellsworth. We’re especially pleased to see the Peters Street lot get a new home. This block definitely has a reputation, but perhaps things are on the upswing at last.

We’ll check back on this project in a couple of months, maybe the next time we get our cash washed at that ridiculously inexpensive place on the 1200 block of Washington Avenue.