A surface parking lot near Passyunk Avenue could soon disappear, provided developers get ZBA approval to build two homes on the northeast corner of 12th & Tasker. From what we can tell looking at public record, physician William Zaccone purchased the lots a few years ago, perhaps to use as parking for his medical practice down the street. We're unsure as to whether the project is coming from the doctor himself or from a developer that's buying his lots.

The lots

Looking toward Passyunk Ave.

It appears as though the project went before the Passyunk Square Civic Association back in April, but it got punted because the developers didn't have drawings to show the community. It was continued at the ZBA in April, though it's scheduled to go back soon. Will it be continued again, or will it get approval and move forward?

We're guessing that two homes will eventually rise here, and will make wonderful homes for the people who eventually move in. As we mentioned previously, Passyunk Avenue is just one block to the east. And as we didn't mention previously, the amazing Francoluigi's is a block to the west. So that's a bunch of stores, bars, and restaurants one way, and the best pizza in town the other. Uh, now we're wondering if the homes will be in our price range.