The owners of 625-29 Earp St. are planning to expand these buildings, which currently house Apex Plumbing and Heating.

Three addresses

Couple Tim and Maria Depretoro purchased these buildings last spring for $100K. They also own the building next door, 631 Earp St.

Construction abounds. This one appears to be getting an extra story as well.

According to the zoning application, the owners are planning new 2nd and 3rd story additions to the existing buildings, and this construction will include bay windows in the front and decks in the rear. The plumbing company that currently utilizes the existing space will remain, while two apartments are planned for the upper floors. Architects for this project are Boxwood Architects.

On the Boxwood website, renderings of several concepts for this project have been posted. The most recent one will not be represented in reality when the project begins, since it shows a 4th story that goes unmentioned in the zoning application.

Rendering from Boxwood Architects

Though the height will be shorter and one fewer floor will be constructed, the rendering above gives us an idea of the materials planned and the look we should expect to see for this project. We’ll have to see an image of the final plan before passing judgement on the design, but we are definitely pleased to see something architecturally fresh planned in this neighborhood.

Brings a little spice to the block, no?