When we last checked in on the Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corporation, we told you all about the revitalization of the “singing fountain” at East Passyunk Ave. & Tasker St. Today, we share the tale of two of PARC’s mixed use properties that are getting a new lease on life.

1840 E Passyunk Ave., most recently a T Mobile Store, was truly one of the uglier properties on the Avenue. Vinyl siding, unfortunate signage, and a metal security gate all contributed to the cause.

In the past

Through PARC’s renovation efforts, the building looks like a million bucks. Vinyl is gone. Bricks appear repointed. Cornice is restored (and painted in Green Bay Packers colors). Flower boxes sit beneath the windows, and the retail space is greatly accentuated by the upgraded storefront. South Philly Comics moved in about a month ago, and the upper floors contain a one-bedroom, bilevel apartment.

The buildings next door must be jealous.

Shiny and new

A closer view, though a little washed out

Meanwhile, a little to the south, 1911 E Passyunk Ave. is undergoing a similar treatment.

In the past

The restoration of this property is still in process. In the months to come, the upper floors will each contain a one-bedroom apartment, and the retail space will boast a new restaurant. No word just yet on what that restaurant will be.

A work in progress

But somehow, already an improvement

Great work here by PARC, improving Passyunk Ave. one building at a time. We wish every landlord showed the same commitment.