A wide, kind of rough looking former auto shop caught our eye today while we were in the neighborhood. 1412-14 S. 7th St. has been on and off the market for years, most recently listed for just under $300K until coming off the market last week.

Lots of signs on this building but no windows

Simply looking at this place, it’s a bit of a yawn. There are numerous buildings just like it in the area, with most in far better condition. To find an example, you need but look a few doors to the south.

Sure, it's a little wider. But you get the idea.

Upon closer examination, it turns out that the rough looking building pictured above is actually pretty unique. Though you’d never know from looking at the front of the building, it’s actually enormous. How big, you may ask? Try 12K+ sqft. This is made even more amazing by the fact that the second building, despite its extra width, can only boast about 5,500 sqft of interior space. So where does the extra space come from?

Site plan on the building scrawled on its front

Perhaps a little clearer. The building extends to the north and south!

Unexpectedly, the building travels north and south, filling up the space in between 7th and Beulah Sts., eventually peeking out with 10′ of frontage on Beulah. The building’s footprint extends nearly 200 feet in that expanded alleyway.

We’re salivating, imagining a conversion into a one-of-a-kind home. It could also work as a couple of truly unbelievable apartment units, though we’re not sure about how much light the alley portion of the property gets every day. One solution to a light and air problem could be the addition of a third story to the building. So why not a 15K+ sqft mansion? C’mon, you know you’ve always dreamed about building your dream home on 7th St.!

Oh, we’re the only ones?

Okay then.