We were in the area, noshing on some delicious Franco Luigi’s pizza, and noticed 1544 S. 13th St., a home that looks like it’s been under construction for a couple of months. It’s common that we see facades taken off the front of houses, but it’s not often that we see a rehab with cinderblocks filling in some of that gap. Perhaps to hold the roof up?

In the past

The other day

Interestingly, the home was purchased at the end of last year by Frank Borda, the gentleman who owns the very restaurant that we were enjoying when we noticed this construction in the first place. Could this project be an effort to move as close as possible to his business? Or is it instead simply an investment? Either one would make a great deal of sense, since this block is one of the most adorable yet underrated blocks you can find in Philadelphia. With a wonderful tree canopy, and tremendous convenience to the bustling Passyunk Avenue, anyone would be pleased as punch to live ’round these parts.

Looking north up the block. Check out all those trees!

Meanwhile, a couple of doors to the north, 1536 S 13th St. is currently on the market for $399K. We’re guessing that this property will be getting a similar treatment in the near future (when the price comes down some). The facade, we’d say, could use a bit of an upgrade.

A couple of doors to the north. Laid out as a beauty salon and an apartment upstairs