For years, we’ve seen older gentlemen sitting outside at cafe tables at 1501 S. 12th St., at the corner of 12th and Dickinson Sts., playing cards, hanging out, and speaking Italian. Though this area has become more vibrant in recent years with the revival of Passyunk Ave. and the ever-more-crowded brunch business down the street at Green Eggs Cafe, those fellas were content to do their thing, undeterred by the neighborhood changing around them. For whatever reason, the long party recently came to an end and the space is currently for rent.

Oddly shaped space

According to the commercial listing, the space is about 1200 sqft, with high ceilings and a partial basement space. The owners are asking for $2295/mo, which seems like a very high price for a commercial space right on Passyunk Ave., let alone a space a half a block off the Avenue.

What do people want to see come into this space? Could there possibly be any neighborhood needs not being fulfilled by businesses that are already in the area? How much does of a disadvantage would it be for a business in this space to be off of Passyunk Ave.? If the rent came down, would it become much more attractive?

Only time will tell.