Last month, Carman’s Country Kitchen shut its doors for the final time, after holding down the corner of 11th & Wharton for twenty-three years. This corner spot, with room for twenty diners, typically served a rotating menu of four dishes, created by the legendary Carman herself. With delicious offerings and a healthy dose of irreverence, Carman’s was home base for brunch for countless people over the years, but now its many fans have had to find new pastures.

A luncheonette back in 1960

Carman's. Photo from Yelp.

When news of Carman’s closing came out in September, rumor had it that the owner of the building intended to open a pizza shop in the corner space, which is located across the street from a Liquor Store and a Police Station. But when we were in the area last week, we discovered that this doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead of work being done inside to prepare for this new venture, signs advertising the space for rent were in the windows.

No more Carman's. See the sign in the window?

According to Passyunk Post, building owner John Angelis never intended to open a pizza shop, and the rumor probably started because he was once in the pizza business. He’s actively looking for a tenant for this space, and looking for about $1500 per month. That sounds like too much to us for such a tiny space, but if he’s able to get it, more power to him.

What would people like to see in this space? Another brunch place? A pizza place (please no)? Froyo? A bottle shop for people whose needs aren’t satisfied by the liquor store across the street? A cafe? Another OCF location (kidding)? Any other ideas?