We’ve brought a couple of projects to your attention from the people at  Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corporation in the past. Most recently, we gave you heads up about a property across from the singing fountain that’s still in the process of being redone. Previously, we pointed out a couple of other PARC-driven rehab projects on Passyunk Avenue, restoring a couple of previously run down storefronts a little further south.

Today, we bring a different PARC project to your attention, this time away from the hustle and bustle of the Avenue. 1131-37 Wharton St. was, for years, the home of Citizens Alliance for Better Neighborhoods, the precursor to PARC. It was also a phenomenally ugly building. Take a look:

In the past

Muddled view of the stucco facade of the Titan St. side of the building

Here are some recent shots of both sides of this massive building, which runs street to street.

Times are changin'

Titan Street side, clearly from a better angle than above

According to information from PARC, their offices have moved from the second floor to the first floor of the building, and are now accessible from the Titan St. side. On the second (and some of the third) floor, five apartments are on the way, each of which will have an individual solar power array. On the first floor, each apartment will have its own parking space, as well as an electric car charging station, powered by each apartment’s solar unit. That’s, uh, incredibly forward thinking stuff.

Elevations for the Titan St. side show it's close to completion now

Wharton St. elevations show that it still has a little work to come

The project will be finishing up next month, and we’ll be taking a tour of the completed, renovated building at that time. We’ll be sure to snap some photos and pass along some more details then.

Meanwhile, it looks like PARC is outdoing themselves once again, prettying up two blocks for the price of one project. Keep it up, you guys!