One of the few cobblestone streets left in Philadelphia, Wood Street is a perfect reminder that you’ve entered one of the city’s historic neighborhoods. And while a small handful of undeveloped old buildings remain in Old City, it always surprises us to come upon one we’ve never noticed before. But that’s exactly what happened the other day when we passed by 318 N. Lawrence St. coming back to Center City from Fishtown.

The building

Closer look

This building was last changed hands back in 2001, according to public record. Its current owners listed it for sale for $350K back in 2007/2008, but apparently found no takers. According to an old listing, the property was in poor condition back then, with possible structural issues. The owners went to the trouble of getting permits and architectural drawings for a single family home to replace the existing structure, but it seems nothing ever came of these plans.

Rendering of the approved building. Image from Trend.

In recent years, battered windows have been replaced with the plywood you see today. Also interesting is that the L&I Map indicates that new alteration permits have been pulled this year, along with plumbing and electrical permits. So perhaps this building can be saved after all. Though we have no idea what will eventually come into this space, we can imagine a restaurant of some kind finding success here. Alternately, that home pictured above would probably sell for a pretty penny as well. And what great access to the highway!

Does anyone in the neighborhood have any additional info on this building? We’d be interested to know both how it’s remained in this condition for so long and whether there are rumblings about what’s to come. Anyone know the scoop?