If you’ve walked past 244 Market St. recently, you’ve probably noticed the zoning application in the window.  According to said application, there were plans for a take-out restaurant with seating for half of the former Regent Shoes space. It turns out that the business that was supposed to move into the space was a Berry Sweet Frozen Yogurt Shop. As you may know, Berry Sweet’s first Philly location is located at 901 South Street which opened around this time last year. They were looking to open a second location at the 244 Market St. property, but apparently due to resistance from the neighborhood, Berry Sweet no longer has their sights set on an Old City location. Since the space is now in real-estate limbo, we wonder who will be next to pursue the storefront on this active stretch of Market St.

244 Market St

Had the plan worked out, there would have been some serious frozen yogurt competition between Berry Sweet and the recently opened Old City Frozen Yogurt, located pretty much across the street. Perhaps that’s why there was such a push back from the neighborhood? There’s no word yet on anyone else opening up shop at 244 Market St., but you know we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open.

Wider angle shot

And in the meantime, we’ll try to get over our disappointment that there won’t be a Frozen Yogurt version of Pat’s and Geno’s in Old City.