The wheat pastings and neglected facade of 12 N. Third Street would have you believe that only raccoons live there. In what was formerly the headquarters of the kitchen design group Teknika, the property now boasts three floors of work space for Web Linc‘s second location. President Darren Hill invited us in to see the spot they purchased in December of 2010, adding to their already impressive location at 22 S. Third Street. We wandered up the funky spiral staircase to the creative production house where Web Linc creates their unique e-commerce solutions for clients such as Free People, Smith & Wesson and more.

Hill described their plans to add French windows, a ‘butcher shop’ (charcuterie for the staff?) and funky sculptures for the facade. The Web Linc staff has completed the renovations done thus far themselves, including finishing the original floors and exposing a brick wall. The space now holds 23 employees, but will hold up to 40 of Web Linc’s total 65 person staff in the near future.

It’s exciting to see Philadelphia based e-commerce companies grow, get bought by Ebay and (most importantly) stay here instead of New York or Silicon Valley. Old City is becoming the techno-creative epicenter for Philly and we’re just glad to report it.