Back in the frigid days of February, we scouted a single-family home going up right next to I-95 on Callowhill Street, just a short jaunt from Old City, Northern Liberties, and the waterfront. That home has been making major progress, though that’s not the reason we’re back here today. Let’s check out where we’ve been, where we are, and what’s coming for this large home from Abitare Design Studio before we get to what’s new next door.

Rendering of what's to come
107 Callowhill back in February
My Project1

You may have noticed in the second picture that this single-family home now has a new neighbor. We actually commented on 105 Callowhill St. this winter, thinking the narrow lot would remain just that for the foreseeable future, and noting that it felt skinnier than its 16 foot width. If you take the wayback machine to February, you can see why we didn’t have high hopes for the potential of this property.

Progress and paneling for 107 Callowhill

Well, let’s throw this one into the “happily wrong with our prediction” pile, as these last several months have been packed with activity. Omega Homebuilders sprinted through the permitting and building process, with a full-height structure growing what feels like overnight. So what will this structure entail? Look for a quadlex in the near future from HDO Architecture, with units ranging from a 500 sq. ft. studio all the way up to a 2200 sq. ft. four-bed spot. Let’s take a closer look at progress and plans, shall we?

105 Callowhill St. back in February, hiding any hints of action
Much of the structure is already built out
My Project
Modern look will pair well with its western neighbor
My Project (1)
Basement and first floor layouts

It is surprising to us to see this much development on a busy stretch of street immediately adjacent to one of America’s most congested highways. But if you think five units across two buildings is cool, make your way just a block to the west, and things get even wilder. As you may have seen in our Instagram stories, the huge project at 412 N. 2nd St. appears close to starting. We covered this huge project a little over a year ago and drilling equipment is now on hand. Look out for another 397 units over 23 stories to soon join the fold. Once this gets going, we imagine that this stretch of Callowhill will have a bit more pep in its step.

My Project (2)
Second and third floor layouts
Building at 2nd & Callowhill fenced off and crumbling
A drilling rig and other staging materials give hints this will start soon
The tower will bring plenty of residents and retail

One last note: for those worried about the loss of the existing mural, we have some encouraging news. Mural Arts has partnered with National Real Estate Advisors and Kushner Real Estate Group to bring murals back to their 2nd Street project. We’re not sure what is in store yet, but it’s awesome to know that this colorful corner will get a reinvention in due time.