A reader gave us a tip yesterday about a new pit that recently appeared on the 100 block of Walnut Street, next door to the still-vacant Old Original Bookbinders. We zipped over there to check it out and can indeed verify the existence of a relatively new and rather significant hole in the ground where a surface parking lot once existed.

In the past


From what we can tell looking at the L&I Map, developers are building four new 5-story homes on this lot, though there may be an extra home snuck in there for a total of five. The designs come from Moto Designshop, the same folks who did the architecture for Hagert Square. We’re guessing, though, that this development will have a somewhat less contemporary look than those homes.

Contemporary mid-rise next door

Then again, despite the Old City address, there’s been plenty of newer construction in the area in recent years that doesn’t try to blend in with the neighborhood’s historic character. As we’ve mentioned previously, that’s generally our preference. We’ll try to get some renderings for you next week to determine exactly what these new homes will look like and whether they fit in better with the new construction or the older buildings in the neighborhood.

As for what’s up with the classic restaurant next door, we regret that we have nothing to report at the moment. Which is a shame, because we last checked in here almost two years ago. Hopefully it won’t take two more years before this space finds a new tenant. Just not an Applebee’s, ok?