We never had a chance to eat at La Locanda del Ghiottone. And now it’s burned down.

Okay, so the BYO at 130 North 3rd Street isn’t exactly burned “down” after a midnight kitchen fire (veal is very flammable), it’s more just slightly burnt. While the damages haven’t been accessed yet (we sound so lawyer-ly, huh?), owner Giuseppe Messina, who also owns the Northern Liberties’ Il Cantuccio, is hoping Ghiottone won’t be out of commission for too long. The Messina history seems to be repeating itself: it closed for five months back in 1997 (under the name Ristorante del Ghiottone) for a similar fire. Let’s hope for our gluttonous desires that it doesn’t take five months to reopen this time. And we have two words for Messina: sprinkler systems.