Charlie’s Pub Still Without a Home

It looks like Charlie’s Pub, which closed back in April when they lost their lease at 114 N 3rd St, has been denied approval by both the Old City Civic Association and Zoning Board for their planned relocation to 17 N 3rd St. As previously reported, even though owners Charlie and Deborah Vaturi revamped their entire concept, removing the roofdeck and second floor seating, many parties in the neighborhood have protested and petitioned agaisnt the use. On top of the OCCA and neighbors nixing the concept, the ZBA has also denied their request for a zoning variance to serve food. Okay, it was partially because of it.


Before anyone gets fired up, thinking that perhaps the Civic Association is being unjust, just to clear things up, Old City has a zoning overlay that does not allow for new food uses north of Walnut St. Without the proper food use variance, the all-mighty PLCB cannot approve the liquor license. While some people might make the OCCA out to be the bad guys, in this instance, and many others, they really have little control over the rules. Charlie and his attorney are appealing the ZBA’s decision at the Court of Common Pleas, but no date has been set as far as we know.

In the meantime, if you support Charlie’s Pub, he’s posted a big red poster in the window of the space (they own the building), where you can email to find out how to support them. Interestingly a FOR RENT sign has also been placed in the window, so if anyone has any great non-food, non-alcoholic, non-roofdeck ideas, call that number right now!