Last October, we pondered some vacant commercial spaces on a prominent stretch in Old City, on 2nd Street, just south of Market. At the time, Liberty Market had recently opened, leaving a mere three shuttered buildings out of five, though it appeared that the upper floors of all but one of the buildings was in use. Today, we have news that 27 S 2nd St., the northernmost property, could soon see new life as well.

In October


Next week, representatives from Benjamin Franklin Beer Distributors Inc will be presenting to the ZBA to open a business that does exactly what their name says. Our interpretation of the application is that the new establishment will sell both cases of beer as well as take-out beer, and will have offices on the second floor of the building. Looking over some Old City Civic Association Development Committee meeting minutes, it appears as though these guys were also considering a restaurant use with venting, but a deli concept (or no food at all) seems more likely at this time. Be that as it may, this will be a fine complement to the Fine Wine and Spirits shop across the street.

Across the street. It's almost as smart as buying your wine and liquor and beer under the same roof!

No idea whether these two things are related, but it also looks like the vacant space at 31 S. 2nd St. is currently available for rent. Just imagine, if the beer distributor goes through, and the space that’s now seeking a tenant finds someone suitable, this stretch of once unfortunate buildings will just have one vacancy left. Progress at last!

These spaces should all have tenants in the near future