In Old City, surface parking lots can be found all over the neighborhood and they're probably a necessity with all the tourists that come through on a daily basis. But that doesn't mean we have to like them and it especially doesn't mean we're sad to see them disappear. Over just the last year, we've been quite pleased to share news of several projects replacing surface lots including one that's progressed nicely on Church Street and one that has yet to begin at Front & Race. With all the construction in the neighborhood, it makes sense that people are getting excited about work that recently got started at 15-25 S. 2nd St., mere steps from the Continental.

In the past

At least half a dozen readers have reached out to us, wondering what's going on here. Looking at the lot, the possibilities are really exciting. Another collection of mansions maybe? Perhaps a midrise mixed-use building with underground parking? Or something taller, inspired by the fact that 205 Race looks like it will finally get built?

Construction view from above

But we have some sad news.

According to permits, the construction we're seeing is just a renovation of the existing parking lot and the elimination of a basement space that was previously used for who knows what. Disappointed, we checked with Old City District, and sources there confirmed that there's nothing else at play at the site. It's certainly possible that this could be somehow linked to a larger project, but nobody's heard anything about that and we're pessimistic that this is anything but a reconfiguation of a parking lot. And with the dollars going into the site right now, we'd be surprised to see it turn into anything else for a long time.

It's indeed a bummer. But as long as we're in the neighborhood, we might as well drown our sorrows in a Mt. Vesuvius from Franklin Fountain. Ah, we feel better already.