Power 99 FM’s “Beanie Sigel & Friends Birthday Celebration” at Solo Nightclub on Delaware Avenue was suppose to be  an innocent celebration for Philly rapper Sigel’s March 6 birthday. Some balloons, maybe a Carvel Fudgie The Whale cake, certainly a round of “Look Ma, No Hands” Pin The Tail On The Donkey, but never a shooting.

Bellmawr, N.J., resident Tyheem Baker is suing Clear Channel, WUSL Power 99 FM and Beanie Sigel himself after he was shot in the chest outside the bathrooms of Solo, once Philly’s largest nightclub (with a 2500-person capacity). The bullet fragments punctured his lungs and he left him with fractured ribs and a plan to file a lawsuit with the Court of Common Please. We are surprised that this all went down with Solo’s FBI agents on the scene. The lawsuit states that Baker’s injuries were a result of ” the joint and concurrent negligent, reckless, intentional, willful and wanton conduct of the defendants” and demands “in an amount in excess of $50,000 plus interest and costs to justly and fairly compensate [Baker] for the injuries and damages he has incurred. Solo nightclub? Wanton? Let’s just hope  Clear Channel’s attorneys get the old Solo Myspace page down before the court date.

Bored at work? Read the lawsuit here.