We were driving through Roxborough last week, and spotted some new construction from maybe a quarter of a mile away. This is what happens when developers build on the top of a hill. When we were finally in front of 4004 Pechin St., we discovered two new homes that were recently framed out. Previously, a vacant home sat here on an oversized lot.

In the past

That home possessed a similar architectural character to the home next door, which was made more interesting by the fact that all the other homes on this side of the block are only two stories tall. Still, it should come as no surprise that the developers, who acquired the parcel back in 2012, are opting for three story homes to replace the one they tore down. Check 'em out.

Two homes are framed

The new homes and their neighbor are taller than the others on the block

Clearly, the new homes won't look like the building they're replacing. For one, they'll have garages. Also, they won't have front porches. One interesting thing you can see is that they're trying to replicate the mansard look of the neighboring home, though the effect will stop after a few feet on each side. We'll be sure to check back on these properties to see how they look when they're finished, because now they just look like the builders slapped a Greek helmet on top of some framing. Perhaps it'll be more natural once the bricks and such have been added.

Quite the view

Whatever the homes ultimately look like, we imagine they'll find buyers rather quickly. The views they'll enjoy just don't come along every day.