Pretzel Park, located just a block off of Main Street in Manayunk, provides neighborhood residents with several amenities including a dog park, a playground, and public green space.


Green space

Fun for kids

And dogs too

Because of the nature of the topography in the area (steep, mostly), awareness of and access to the park from Main Street is severely hampered. Numerous area stakeholders, including Manayunk Development Corporation, Schuylkill River Project, and Friends of Pretzel Park were able to procure a grant to retain the Community Design Collaborative to come up with a plan to better link the park, Main Street, and the Manayunk Canal. The idea is to increase access to the park for visitors to the area, including Main Street shoppers, and folks using the Schuylkill River Trail. And, of course, make the park better for people who are already using it.

A look at the current situation

Community Design Collaborative has come up with a number of recommendations for improving visibility of the park, access to the park, and the pedestrian experience approaching the park. The most interesting improvements involve regrading the entrance to the park at the corner of Cresson and Cotton Sts., which represents the park’s most logical access point from the south.

The current view is not so welcoming

One of the possible changes to the entrance. So much better.

Aerial view

There are, of course, numerous additional recommendations that would dramatically change the surrounding streetscape. But to get the details on the other aspects of the report, you’re going to have to go to 4312 Main St. tonight at 7:30pm for a full presentation of the Community Design Collaborative team’s findings and recommendations. No word on whether pretzels will be served.

There's a lot going on here

As for whether any, some, or all of these recommendations are ultimately implemented, it will depend on fundraising efforts by organizations and residents in the area. Hopefully, many of these improvements will take place in the years to come, and Pretzel Park will be even more utilized and appreciated by all.