Last year, we were tipped off about a pretty cool project happening in Manyunk regarding the second half of a two-building nineteenth century mill complex known as the Shurs Lane Mills. We got in touch with the developers who were willing to give us a tour of the building mid-construction. A few days ago, the developers, Dempsey Development & Brokerage, reached out to invite us back to see the (mostly) finished product.

Exterior is finished. This view is from Shurs Lane

As we told you last time we covered this property, one of the buildings in this complex had already been redeveloped into condos back in the mid-2000s, but the second building had been dilapidated for some years, and was caught up in some legal issues, the details of which aren't known to us. Dempsey began their redevelopment into 38 apartments last year and, at the moment, most of the units are now occupied. They're looking to wrap things up and fill up the complex in the coming months.

Since this building is so unique, it presented many design challenges to the developers. The sunken north side of the building was one such challenge. It's unclear what purpose this section of the building originally served when it was a factory, but Dempsey created a miniature courtyard out of it for the building's residents. And it turned out pretty well.

This was the view back in November

Current view

The third floor apartments are a point of pride due to their high ceilings and exposed architectural elements. As we said in our previous story, most of the units here are one bedrooms and studios. The developers told us that their goal is to provide the equivalent of new construction at a more affordable rate than what other developers are churning out in other parts of town. A two bedroom in this building goes for $1900 a month.

A look inside an apartment

Another apartment photo

Another interesting part of the project exists at the point where the two buildings (one condominiums, the other rentals) meet. This corner section, which has no pass-through point, is home to a number of units that form a little “back alley” of the property. We were told that these units were the first to be rented, citing the fact that each has their own direct entrances, which connect to the parking lot below.

All of these units have their own private entrance

410 Shurs Lane will be holding something of a ribbon-cutting party this Thursday, May 19th, at 5PM, free and open to the public. There'll be providing free local beer, food, and we're told there will also be a local band performing. If you're interested in a new place to live in Manyunk, or just want to check the place out, you should shoot them an email to let them know you're coming.