The Manayunk Island (know to adults as 1 Leverington Avenue and to Realtors as Venice Island) that once held Carmella’s (which, for the record, we thought was great) and Arroyo Grille has been as sad as the ratings for the Lost/Greys Anatomy poser, Off The Map. The two acres are for sale or lease and according to zoning (RC1) can be used for a restaurant or a hotel (really?). Although the owner is desperate enough to consider a hotel, he is very specific as to what kind of restaurant he wants: “Asian or seafood-themed.” The 175,163-square-foot lot was bought in 1999 for $376,100 by Daniel Neducsin (d/b/a Ned Green Partnership and Venice Island Realty), one of the lucky Fitler Square residents who lives on Delancey Street. The lot, recorded as “grossly irregular” in shape, was almost a condo complex with roof deck and private health club in 2007 until the application (submitted by architect Stephen Varenhorst) was refused by the Department of Licenses and Inspections—the proposed height and floor area was “excessive.” It eventually was approved in 2008 for a 2.5-acre Waterford Apartments project.” What will become of this ghost island?