We'd guess that it wasn't long after the closing of Saint Lucy's church in 2012 that developers realized that the former church parking lot at 149-159 Green Ln. represented an attractive development opportunity. The developers at East Main Manayunk have slowly been working their way through the properties that belonged to the church, with their ten home project at this site being their most noticeable to date.

View in the past

New homes on Green Lane

Three homes on Carson St.

You can see in the images above, they've built seven homes on Green Lane, and three homes on Carson Street. Design work on the project came from Morrissey Design and the homes share a back drive-aisle area which provides access to two-car parking for each home. Thanks to the elevations of the homes, the parking for each home is in the basement and because of the large driveway area, each home can accommodate two cars in front of each of the garages. Four car parking, what a concept!

Backs of the homes on Green Ln.

According to the listings for the homes, each one has around 3,000 sqft, with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Thus far, from what we can tell, five of the homes are under agreement, at list prices between $530K and $559K. Two of the homes are currently listed for sale at $550K per home. According to the listings, the prices will continue to creep upward as the project approaches completion in the next couple of months.

View on Green Lane, looking toward the river

Living in Center City as we do, we've always struggled with the idea of living on such a steep street. And driving up this section of Green Lane can be a little harrowing, especially if you're pulling over onto the sidewalk to snap construction photos. On the other hand, residents will pretty much be able to roll down the hill to get to the stores, bars, and restaurants on Main Street. The other side of that coin is that they'll have to huff and puff a bit on the walk home. And this is why everyone in Manayunk has such fabulous calves.