Yesterday, we were on our way back to town from King of Prussia and cut through Manayunk due to traffic on I76. With Main Street closed thanks to the Streat Food Festival, we got detoured through the neighborhood and fortuitously stumbled upon a project where Sharp Street hits Dawson Street, right near Ridge Avenue. Just a few years ago, the 3700 block of Sharp Street was rather underdeveloped, with trees on one side and cars parked along a vacant strip of land on the other.

In the past

An old view of the block

Oh how the block has changed thanks to one developer. A couple of years ago, Rock Construction Development bought an old building that had been used for parking, and built five homes in its place. Now, they're in the process of building some additional homes next door, filling in the entire side of the block.

Coming up Dawson Street

Some new homes

Sharp Street. You can see the other new homes on the block.

According to a listing, these homes clock in at 3,000 sqft with 3-4 bedrooms and two-car parking. Prices start at $425K, and we honestly aren't sure whether they're still available. And while we can't speak to the quality of the interiors of the homes, looking at a photo posted by the developers on their Facebook page, the views are certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Nice view

Is this block improved with nine new homes? Or was it better when it was less developed, with ample parking and old trees? We certainly prefer the former (it's what we do, after all), but can sort of appreciate how someone could have liked it better before. What do you think?