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A new beer boutique is coming to Manayunk at 4923 Main Street (formerly Events in Style) and the owners are no strangers to the city. The founders of Hawthornes Café, located in Philly’s Hawthorne section, have received a unanimous vote from the Manayunk Neighborhood City Council in favor of the new takeaway beer and food locale.

The 1,700-square-foot space will not be a bar, but instead a quaint little location that will sell “fancy” beer (read: small-batch and imported brews). The menu, while still not completely decided, will take inspiration from the already successful Hawthornes menu. The location plans for limited seating (a few high-top tables around the perimeter) and due to a conditional liquor license, it will close at 10pm on the weekdays and midnight during the weekend; also included in the conditions of the license are that it may not be sold or transferred if the business closes or changes hands.

In an attempt to keep the rowdy bar crowd away, the beer boutique will not sell items that would attract that kind of business, such as cigarettes, beer by the case and malt liquor (you will have to get your Hurricane 40 somewhere else). The opening date has not yet been set for the new spot, but we will be anxiously awaiting its arrival.