Just a few blocks from a new coffee shop and around the corner from one of our preferred produce places sits a construction site that a couple of readers have recently asked us about. This has been a vacant lot for several years now, but looking back at a listing from 1999 shows the building that once stood there:

Low res image from Trend

Back in 2010, 1910 Spring Garden LLC purchased the then vacant lot for $325K. Soon after, they received approvals to build a six story building with four apartments, an office space on the first floor, and four parking spaces in the basement with access from the rear. Cope Linder were the architects at the time, and they produced this rendering:

Rendering shows planned building, and the newer building that's gone up since the photo above

The project didn’t get off the ground for a couple of years, but a fence is up at the site after a couple of small changes to the permits that were originally issued. Also, it seems that the architects for the project are now Harman Deutsch, so we can’t be sure that the rendering above still applies in terms of the final look of the new building.

The site today, a little dark

A look at the building next door, as well as the fenced in area

Does anyone in the area know whether the office space has a tenant as of yet? What caused the construction delay? Why the original building was torn down in the first place? What’s the best smoothie at Feder’s?

These questions and many others will hopefully be answered in the coming months.