The development of six five-story town homes on 22nd St., just north of Race St. can now move beyond the earliest planning stages, since the developer and neighbors have sat down to discuss neighbors’ concerns, via the Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA) Zoning Committee.

Since 2003, Patriot Parking has occupied prime real estate at 206-212 N. 22nd St. At the end of August, owner Richard Zeghibe applied for permits through L&I for the construction of the homes at the site that currently houses automobiles, according to Ed Panek, LSNA zoning chair. Zeghibe’s request was approved by right.

Could this...

Soon after it was approved, Race St. neighbors approached Mr. Panek with concerns about issues like party walls, privacy, flooding and the accessibility for emergency vehicles, as well as the height of the structures. Their concerns were stirred by the fact the homes will face north, instead of toward 22nd St.

Panek advised the neighbors to appeal to the ZBA through LSNA and a hearing was set for August 31. Zeghibe’s attorney represented the absent applicant, and the ZBA granted a continuance in order to give the applicant and neighbors time to meet and discuss the project. A second continuance was granted Oct. 26 because the meeting had yet to happen. By Nov. 30, Zeghibe, his architect, and neighbors met and the above concerns were addressed, according to Panek. As a result, there is now an understanding that Zeghibe and neighbors will meet in the future to discuss plans as they materialize and before building begins. At present, there is no timeframe as to when the project will start.

...turn into something like this?

“I thought it was an extreme uphill fight to overturn the L&I decision,” said Panek about why he advised neighbors to seek a meeting with the applicant. He said Zeghibe has been a reliable business owner that communicates with the community when necessary.

As for the developer, his final plans for the site seem to still be coming into focus. Said Zeghibe, “There’s nothing happening today, but I don’t know when something might happen.”

When something does happen, we’ll be sure to provide an update.

–Lou Mancinelli