It was almost five years ago that we told you about plans to renovate a blah building on the corner of 17th & Wood, plans that included a 3-story addition with office use on the 2nd and 3rd floors and apartments on the 4th and 5th floors. It would have been a sweet project for this corner and it seemed timely, as plans had just emerged for two significant projects from the LDS Church right across the street.

An old rendering

If you visit this intersection today, you'll see that the LDS projects have proceeded relatively apace. You may recall, we toured the completed LDS Church over the summer. But the two-story building at 327 N. 17th St. remains unchanged from half a decade ago. What happened? We couldn't tell you.

The building

But something is finally going to happen here, and the plans have shifted in a major way. According to, you can forget about an addition, because the building will soon be demolished instead. In its place, A2Z Development, a company associated with Atrium Design Group, intends to construct ten mansions. And these aren't going to be your standard mansions- they're gonna be huge, ranging in size from 5,100 to 5,800 sqft. Prices will start at $2.5M and probably go up from there, depending on size and finishes. Check out this rendering:

New rendering, image from

These new homes will have amazing views of the new LDS Church and meetinghouse, and will also be able to take advantage of the retail associated with the LDS project next door which is still under construction.

LDS Church to the west

Looking east on Wood Street

Though we think we'd have preferred the addition and mixed-use instead of a bunch of homes we could never afford, it's still encouraging to learn that this project is moving forward. We're generally big fans of the design work from Atrium, and it looks like this project will be another winner in terms of how the homes will appear. Look for construction to get started in the next couple months and for the first homes to wrap up construction in the spring of 2018.