The other day, when we snapped some photos of the ongoing construction of the new Family Court Building, we caught an in-person glimpse of Grumman Greenhouse for the first time.

Disarming artwork

Artist Jordan Griska has taken a decommissioned Grumman Tracker II, a Cold War era submarine bomber, and bent the nose of the plane to make it seem like it has impacted into the ground. Several sections of the plane are apparently being used as spaces for growing vegetables with the assistance of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, hence the name Grumman Greenhouse.

As we mentioned months ago, the main public art piece in Lenfest Plaza is Claes Oldenburg’s sculpture, Paint Torch, located close to Broad St., on the eastern end. The western side of Lenfest Plaza is intended for temporary installations, lasting about a year, from young, still developing artists. Griska, a recent graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, seems like an appropriate choice to display his work on what amounts to the front porch for the Academy.

We imagine this piece will remain until the Autumn at least, and recommend checking it out in person if you find yourself in the area. Photos don’t really do it justice.