A slice of Philadelphia culture, 23rd Street Cafe hosted jazz jam sessions every Tuesday night for the last twenty-five years. For a great story about the history of this institution, read this Inquirer story from over the summer. If you read the story a few months ago, you still had the chance to check out a jam session at 233 N. 23rd St., an older building pretty much next door to an I-676 offramp.

In the past

This was the view looking north, until recently

If you didn't get there by now, you've missed your chance. The business is closed and the building has been demolished.

Current view

Current view looking north

This project has been in the works for quite some time, as developers have been talking to neighbors and the LSNA for most of this year. That being said, we can't figure out exactly what they're building. According to our reading of the permits, they're planning one home and one triplex. Given the size of the lot and another interpretation of the permits, it's also possible they're building two triplexes. No matter how many apartments, they'll all include parking. Also, we're sure that these units will be offered as condos, not rentals.

It's a shame to see this club shut its doors after all these years, but it makes all the sense in the world. Considering the prices we've seen for new construction in Logan Square in the last few years, it seems reasonable to expect more demolition in the future as more developers looking to get in on the high-end residential market.