While ground-breaking may be a year away, plans for Edgewater II, a 20-plus-story 300-foot tower at 23rd & Summer are moving along. Some changes have been made to the plan since Realen first presented to Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA) last year, and these must now be officially incorporated into a Neighborhood Development Agreement (NDA).

The site, now a parking lot

The most important part of that NDA states that no construction vehicles can enter the site from 23rd Street, according to Ed Panek, LSNA zoning chair. That means vehicles will have to travel under I676, passing around the Park Towne Place Apartments to enter. No construction will occur west of 23rd Street. Otherwise, construction vehicles and equipment would impede 23rd Street residents from utilizing their street, Panek said.

Construction vehicles will come from the north

When developers constructed the first Edgewater tower in 2003, they reserved the right to construct a second tower, according to Panek. “It’s gone through all different levels of review with our neighborhood organization,” said Panek.

Edgewater I

An artsy and perhaps outdated rendering of Edgewater II

In order for the tower to be constructed, developers must first receive a variance for the height. When the proposal goes before the Planning Commission this spring, Panek expects the project will be denied for that reason. Then it will go before the ZBA where the LSNA community decision not to oppose will be considered and the project will likely be approved. That means it will still be some time before groundbreaking can take place. As such, it also seems timing is hinged on when financing is made available.

We’ll keep an eye on this project, and provide some updates and some more specifics once it gets off the ground.

–Lou Mancinelli