Looking down Summer St.

The rather striking building on the southwest corner of 22nd and Summer Sts. has a retail vacancy to the tune of 6000 sqft. We were curious about which space was available- the first floor on this corner could be desirable for a retail business. We were also interested to find out whether the tutoring business or the Martin Architectural Group were closing or moving to a new space. Alas, there’s nothing too exciting going on here. The bulk of the space for rent is on the second floor, with about 1500 sqft. available in the rear of the first floor. The asking price is around $10K per month. The businesses currently operating in the building are staying put.

With easy access to 676 and close proximity to the Ben Franklin Parkway, this could be a desirable office for someone looking for space in a handsome building that isn’t in the thick of the hustle and bustle of downtown. And oh by the way, there’s a pool up the street at Park Town Place.

That's Park Town Place, just on the other side of the highway