Since before it opened last September, we’ve been talking up Union Transfer and the neighborhoods that surround it. Along Spring Garden Street, restaurants have sprung up, along with a neighborhood coffee and tea spot. To the north, the “Spring Arts” neighborhood continues to see rapid redevelopment, with even more on the horizon. And to the south, the Loft District has seen some new construction and adaptive reuse, but additional development opportunities remain.

Which brings us to 448 N 10th St., the building that currently houses Cuckelberger & Company. Aside from having one of the cooler business names we’ve ever heard, these guys also happen to inhabit one of the cooler looking buildings in the area.

Front door

Looking up

According to Philaphilia, the building was constructed in 1917 or 1918 for the Haverford Cycle Company (though looking at the Geohistory maps, it may have been built a few years earlier). That business went under in 1924, and nobody seems to know what happened in this building from then until the Cuckelberger people bought it in 1998. They paid $170K at the time, and this is looking like a mighty fine investment. The building has been on and off the market for a few years now, and is currently listed at $2.5M.

Just keep the ghost sign, mkay?

Interior photo, from Trend

This building is not only located in Union Transfer’s backyard, but it also pretty much butts up against the Reading Viaduct. Considering the growing likelihood that this overgrown, rusted, abandoned old thing will be redeveloped into a green space in the coming years, it seems like a strong possibility that this building is turning into a more and more desirable investment for someone looking to do a residential conversion every day. According to the listing, the Center City views from the upper floors are to be reckoned with as well.

So… do you have a spare couple of million sitting around? Access to financing for some more millions? A positive rapport with the local trade unions? Come on down and make an offer! In a couple of years, you might just be glad you did!