A vacant, 5,000+ sqft lot immediately next door to Prohibition Taproom looks like it won’t be vacant for much longer. Under contract at an asking price of $425K, a zoning application for 1241 Buttonwood St. is being heard today by the ZBA.

Huge vacant lot

Bar next door

According to the application, developer Carmel Developments intends to build a four story building that will be as tall as 55′. This would be considered quite tall in a largely residential neighborhood, but around these parts, with former factories and warehouses nearby, we don’t think the height will be an issue at all. The building will have ten parking spaces in the basement, one ADA van stall, and bicycle parking as well. The property will also have three private roof decks.

One thing the application doesn’t mention is how many apartments will be included in this development. The ten parking spaces would seem to indicate ten units, but the ADA van stall is throwing us for a bit of a loop. Has anyone in the area heard anything about this development?

Blighted buildings on the other side

Hopefully, this new development will spur the redevelopment of 1231-35 Buttonwood St., the three blighted properties next door. Purchased as a group by the same individual in 2010, nothing has happened to these homes in the intervening years. They look like they could be restored, if only the owner was a little motivated. Doors & Windows violation, anyone?